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    Ignite Salsa

    Some salsas are so spicy that the heat overshadows the flavor. Not here. Flavor is in full supply. Showcasing the salsa and color with clear bottles helps emphasize the attention to fresh organic ingredients. A simple numbering system helps identify the spicie level. Photos by amazing food photographer and nice guy Kyle Dreier at


    J.D. Howard Reserve Cigars

    J.D. Howard Reserve is the 3rd cigar created by cigar architects Crowned Heads. The J.D. Howard name was inspired from the alias Jesse James used while on the lam in Crowned Heads' home base of Nashville, TN. 

    Having spent hours of digging in Nashville's most valued resource (The Nashville Public Library) I was nearly more ecstatic about having found the inspiration than solving the design problem itself. The elements of the period pushed me to create most everything by hand, from the monogram and ornaments to the box lettering.