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What I've Learned From Teaching as an Adjunct Professor This Year

The Danger of Estimating on the Fly

I recently learned that my anxiousness to please and lock in clients can potentially lead to promising too much for too little pay. Negotiating on the fly without a full grasp on the project scope can be dangerous and I'm going to explain how I avoid some of these situations. 

Stephen Jones
Hard Lessons I've Learned from Freelancing Too Early

How many of you know someone who jumped straight into a freelance design career right out of art school? I can't think of any instances in which that move could be sustainable that early in one's career. I'm continually talking about making your own way and I won't sit here and say it can't work, but who are you going to learn from? Do you have the right experience to make this work? Most straight out of school do not, and I don't recommend it. Here is my worst experience as a freelancer to date, and it was straight out of school when I was still shitting green and didn't know my head from my ass.

Stephen Jones
The First Email and The Art of the Follow Up

Oh the job hunt. Maybe you have been employed at the same place for 4-5 years and are seeking out something more fulfilling. Maybe you are just graduating from an art institution or state university scoping out your first entry-level position. Either way you cut it, the initial contact made with a potential employer can be a bit nerve-racking. I'm going to walk through the steps I took to

Stephen Jones
The Trifecta for Creating Brand Authenticity

When I'm diving into a fresh branding project and trying to help unlock a clients true personality, they always have one characteristic or value they want their brand to convey. Authenticity.

Authenticity: of undisputed origin; genuine. How does one become authentic? First off, the intentions for the creation of the brand have to be from the right place. Is the client passionate about what they are trying to build or is it purely an entrepreneurial-for-profit or opportunistic venture?

Stephen Jones
A Preview Of Apps My Business Couldn't Run Without

If  you are debating on making the jump into the world of working for yourself, there are plenty of things that can be intimidating in that process. You're probably asking yourself how to manage your funds, how to invoice clients and implement a project management workflow. If you are not concerned with these aspects of the switch, you need to take a long look and make sure you have your shit together. Even before I left the agency world behind, I was using a program to invoice and track finances for the client work I had built up, and I can't imagine how big of a pain in the ass it would have become at tax time. So I have decided to write a bit about the tools I use to help the business side of things run smoothly. I'm not saying these are the only way to go, but these apps are the ones that work well for me.

Stephen Jones
The Details and Another Failure Story

I remember in 2011 as a senior at Watkins College of Art & Design, I was doing the last minute scramble before a photoshoot I had scheduled for one of my self-initiated packaging projects. I had been rushing round printing labels and adhering them the day before...

Stephen Jones