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What I've Learned From Teaching as an Adjunct Professor This Year

Dreaming vs Doing & New Resolutions

As we jump into the year 2015, I find myself contemplating what I want to accomplish this go 'round. With personal goals and professional goals through the roof, I am planning in full force. My brain is racing, and I'm starting to ask myself what I can do better, what bad habits do I need to break and how can I get out of my own head and jumpstart some better behavior. I keep coming back to James Clear's post about taking action (here) As much as I plan and try to analyze things to death, sometimes I find that my time is absorbed in the steps leading up to producing instead of spending that time producing. Prep work, scheduling and planning are devouring my output, so one of my few resolutions this year is to produce more on a more consistent basis. I'm continually creating work for my clients, but there are plenty of obstacles I can be tackling by simply sticking to a stricter regimen of doodling, writing and marketing. I dream large. I have set huge goals and ambitions for myself. I tell the world, and often times I fall short of meeting my own expectations. So this year instead of trying to conquer the world, I'm going to try to conquer my bad habits. Instead of scurrying around like an anxious squirrel trying to get a nut, I'm going to make a concerted effort to just make more and make it count.

I hope as we plunge into new endeavors this year that we all realize that big things take small steps, and if we can manage to change our behavior, those crazy goals we set will start happening all by themselves. So let's get to steppin' and Happy New Year! 

Stephen Jones