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How the Internet is Killing Good Design


The internet is the devil. It's killing design.

So... I don't give a shit if I'm 31. I don't feel old in any respect. I'm active, making shit happen in my life and in the creative community with the help of some badasses I'm lucky enough to call my friends. As much as I try to push design and the city of Nashville creatively into a more dynamic place, I constantly see it being counteracted by all the copycatting on Dribbble, Pinterest and Behance.

I realize that we are exposed to more artwork now since the inception of the web. Everyone has easier access to the work of others. It is the globalization of design. It seems all of the work is being thrown into a global pool for new students and Jr. Designers to emulate and massacre. The formula is evident now, it's like that horrible shit they call "Modern Country." Everyone wants to be famous, everyone spends more time trying to accrue followers and likes than they do trying to find their own creative voice and hone their craft. It's a glossy shell with not much substance underneath. It's degrading the quality of the work not just locally, but all across the world. 

Dribbble is evil. Dribbble is a website that allows users to upload snapshots of their design/creative work in progress. What started out being a quite novel idea of getting feedback on projects, has now turned into a design circle-jerk. Everything looks the same. How can one actually judge the validity and successfulness of the design work without knowing how it is used. If you see a creative brief attached to a project on Dribbble please let me know, I will recant my statement. It's like reading youtube comments from ignorant assholes. The validity and value in most of the comments is more detrimental than beneficial.

With viewers experiencing projects in purely a visual way, we are sending a message that beauty wins over concept...and that is bullshit. Instead of encouraging the process of good design we are replacing it with immediate gratification for beautiful things that look alike way too often. Millenials have taken this to new heights. (That's where my old man shit is kicking in)

It takes fucking time. Everyone out of Periwinkle Craft and Design School wants to be the next Aaron Draplin. Be the next you, and don't think since you won 2 addy awards in college you are the next big thing. It takes time and a ton of hard work to become successful. You have to be a nice person. You have to be humble. You have to make a shitload of work for a long time to get to that place. Don't listen to the haters. Quit comparing yourself to others, and quit relying on strangers comments from the internet to determine your worth. You determine your worth as an artist, and that's the beauty of hard work.


Stephen Jones