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What I've Learned From Teaching as an Adjunct Professor This Year

Quit Your Job and Grow Your Resume


  1. Do I have 4-5k in the bank?
  2. Do I know what makes me happy? Am I setting goals to achieve that happiness?
  3. Have I set up a network of friends and colleagues that can help position myself for success?
  4. Does my portfolio reflect the work I want to do and not the work I have done?
  5. Have I built up enough client work or product sales to subsidize the initial few months of the hustle?

These are some of the first areas you need to have squared away, but I don't want this post to be about how to prepare for freelancing. I'm not saying go piss in the water cooler or post a video on Youtube of you telling the man to suck it. Burning bridges is stupid and a recipe for disaster.

I want you to realize how leaving behind the chains of the man for a few months allows you to hustle beyond the bounds of what you thought possible. It's all opportunity cost. The time you free up to pursue your passions will immediately stack your resume if the work you do is focused and passionate. You can dictate what type of career you want to have. Quitting a job will allot you the time you need to work on things that will actually qualify you for a position that more suits your own goals.

Since I went freelance I've managed to help startup Nashville Creative Mornings, (A creative lecture series) produce a live podcast and teach at the highest level of an accredited art & design institution, all within a years time. If I wanted a job working for someone else, I have already built a strong leadership foundation and increased my value ten fold just by initiating other creative pursuits. Don't stick around for a job that doesn't support your goals or hinders your growth. Sometimes you have to quit your job to set yourself up for the right one. The "right one" might even end up being for yourself.

Stephen Jones