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Winter/Spring Internship


We don't have a glamorous studio in some fancy Nashville building. And when I say "we" it is usually just me, Stephen Jones, with a rotating team of talented freelancers helping to create solid work for our clients. There are no ping pong tables, coffee or beer on tap. The office is small, but functional, located in Berry Hill nestled up to Sawtooth Printshop and Sideshow Sign Co. 

But...There is the opportunity to get your hands dirty on real, visible design and branding projects. My current clients include a brewery, a wine bar, a few restaurants and a sports physio group. My clients have become my friends, and they deserve the best we can offer.

I need someone who can be in the office for two full days a week if possible. Half-days, although accommodating for a student, are hard to gain momentum and finish out tasks/projects. Full days are preferred. I need someone to ideate logos and brandmarks with me, help build out assets, prep materials for print, contribute to brainstorms and be able to talk through design choices. Type chops are imperative, hand-skills and illustration are highly desired. If you have an interest in learning the business side of what I do, I will teach you all I can about freelancing and starting out on your own. No-one teaches entrepreneurship, so this could be a plus for a go-getter.

Students for credit and recent grads are welcome to apply. (I interned after completing my B.F.A. and it was a great segue into the workforce) 

If you have a suggestion for another arrangement I'll hear it.

Pay: $10/hour for a committed 120 hours. 
Start: Preferably January 1st

Please send resume, cover letter and website link to info@gogojones.com


Stephen Jones